The Landlord Law Points Information Page


How it works:

The Landlord Law Points system is an internal currency where members can earn points in various ways and then redeem them against certain products and services.

Members can view all their points 0n their My Points Page‘.

Points can be earned as follows:

By joining and renewing your Landlord Law  membership:

  • When joining and when renewing as a Monthly Basic member – 5 points
  • When joining and when renewing as an Annual Basic member – 80 points
  • When joining and when renewing as an Monthly Business member – 10 points
  • When joining and when renewing as an Annual Business member – 160 points

When using the member’s forum:

  • When completing your forum profile – 20 points
  • When making a new post or answering a post – 1 point

When doing training:

  • When successfully completing the monthly CPD and passing (once per month only) – 10 points
  • When attending one of our training events – 100 points

Contributing to the Landlord Law service:

  • When making a suggestion for new content or a new service which is actioned by us – 100 points

Further ways to earn points will be added and set out here in due course.

Points can be used as follows:

  • To pay for or go towards the cost of Landlord Law ebooks
  • To pay for or go towards the cost of the monthly CPD
  • To pay for or go towards the cost of online training

New products and services which members can purchase with points will be added here in due course.

Here are some FAQ on the Points system:

Yes.  Points can only be earned and used by current Landlord Law members.  


  • Points cannot be used towards the cost of Landlord Law membership itself, and
  • Points cannot be used for live events such as workshops or the conference.  However, Landlord Law members will get automatic discounts for most live events as part of their membership entitlement (so long as you are logged in when booking).

Some points will need to be added manually to your points account – for example, points earned by attending a  training event – so there may be a short delay.

However, if you are concerned about this, contact us via the contact page or email [email protected], let us have details of the missing points and we will investigate for you.

No.  Only logged in Landlord Law members can purchase a product or service with points.

Further, if a membership lapses and is not renewed within 42 days, all unused points will be lost forever.

Not a Landlord Law member?  Find out more here.

Earn Points:

Earn 100 points when you attend a workshop or the annual Conference.

Book your place: