Courses included with Membership

As well as the normal Landlord Law Content, we also have various online courses.  Some of these are included free of charge with the Business Level membership.  Indeed some of our courses are ONLY available with the Business Level members – for example, the checklist series (still in development) which are listed separately here.

The Legal Basics series of courses (also still in development) is also available to Basic Level members.

You will find listed below all of the courses which are (or will be when they have been completed) available to you if you are a member.

If you are a Basic Level member and wish to take one or more of the Business Level member only courses you will need to upgrade to Business Level.  Please contact us if you want to do this.  Or, you may be able to purchase the course in which case you can use your points.

Note that more courses are planned – they will be announced in the News Blog and in the Weekly Bulletin.

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Business level members only

Consumer Law with David Smith (2015)

This online training course consists of film footage of a workshop taken by solicitor David Smith of Anthony Gold solicitors in September 2015.  Although it took place some time ago, most the content is very relevant and it is recommended watching, particularly for letting agents.
Free to all members

Landlord Law Legal Basics – Common law and Statute

'Common law' has several different meanings and is also different from 'statute' or legislation.  This is fundamental to how the English and Welsh legal system works.  This course gives a brief explanation.
Free to all members

Landlord Law Legal Basics – Criminal Law and Civil Law

Criminal law and civil law are two separate systems of law in England and Wales.  This course explains the difference between them.  There is also a section looking at legal personnel.
Free to all members

Landlord Law Legal Basics – Contract Law

Contract law is one of the four fundamental legal topics that form the foundation of our legal system (civil law). Contract law also forms part of tenancy law, so if you understand how it works then this will help you understand tenancy law.  
Free to all members

Landlord Law Legal Basics – Tort (or ‘Civil Wrongs’)

Most non-lawyers have never heard of the word 'tort' but you will find the laws themselves more familiar. They include things like trespass and the law of negligence.
Free to all members

Landlord Law Legal Basics – Trust and Equity

The law of trusts underpins the rules which operate when two people own land (or a tenancy) together and is also important to the law of agency. 
Free to all members

Landlord Law Legal Basics – Land Law

Land law is a rather difficult academic subject and landlords (for example)  don't really need to know a huge amount about it.  This short course will give an introduction to the basics.