Telephone Advice Service – From a solicitor

A simple and straightforward way for you to get up to 1/2 hours telephone advice from a specialist landlord and tenant solicitor from Anthony Gold solicitors.

Anthony Gold are a Legal 500 firm – find out more about them here.

You can book a general telephone advice service, or if your problem is specifically regarding an HMO issue, you can use the HMO Hotline which will be passed to one of Anthony Gold’s HMO experts.

It does not matter if you are not a member – you can use our non-members service and get a free 1-month membership of Landlord Law.  Or, if you are a member, use the member services below which are slightly cheaper.

Note that the solicitors’ service is not available for solicitors or solicitors firms.  We may though be able to arrange for you to have a telephone advice with a specialist housing barristers chambers via direct access.  This service is presently limited to solicitors firms – please contact us if you require this.
The telephone advice service from a solicitor is subject to our terms and conditions which you can read here.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Click the relevant link below
  • This will take  you to the payment page where you will need to make payment
  • Once this has been done, you will be redirected to an information form where you need to set out your details and  details of your case
  • Once you have submitted this, it will automatically be sent to Anthony Gold who will be in touch to arrange for your advice call
  • Anthony Gold will normally provide your advice call at the latest within 5 working days of your booking and payment.
  • If your issue cannot be dealt with in the half hour period, the solicitor will give preliminary advice and (if appropriate) give you a quotation for any further advice or other services required.

If you experience problems using this service, please send us a message via our  Contact form or email us at contact @

Please now select one of the following (all fees are inclusive of VAT):

Non-member services:

› General Advice £130     › HMO Hotline £130

You will be sent the login for your one month’s free standard Landlord Law membership after you have made payment.

Member services

Members can book telephone advice for the cheaper price of £115.

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Read our guide on getting the most from your advice call

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