Note that although this page is on our Landlord Law Services site, the information applies to data held by Landlord Law Services Ltd for all our services, including the Legal Kits, Eco Landlords, the Tenant Law service and any other services which the company provides.


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At Landlord Law Services we aim to deal with the data that we hold fairly and lawfully.  This page has information about the data held by us, how it is used, and what you can do if you want it deleted.

Personal data on our systems

If you are in our system as a contact, the entry will normally have been created from information provided by you, for example when signing up to receive a free service or when purchasing a product.

We do not buy contacts lists and we have deleted entries for contacts who were added after giving us a card at an event (unless they have subsequently signed up to a service or bought a product).  We have never sold any of the information we hold about people to third parties.

In addition to the information on this page, please see also section 3 of our General Terms and Conditions for further information about how we use your data.

Data is held for the following purposes:

  • To allow us to identify our customers and hold records of past customers and sales.
  • To allow us to comply with any contractual obligations we may have towards our customers
  • To provide information to customers about the service or product they have purchased, or similar new services which might interest them
  • To retain customer information for at least seven years in case of legal issues and in case we are required to provide information to HMRC or for any other official reason
  • To provide certain free advice services to people who have signed up to receive them
  • To allow us to send information about our services, new services, training events, and special offers to existing customers and people who have asked to receive it.

Where data is held:

Data is mostly held on this Landlord Law Services website, in our customer information management system Infusionsoft and on Quickbooks which we use for our accounting records.

Some mailing lists (for example where people have signed up to receive blog posts from the Landlord Law Blog) are managed by Aweber. If you have answered one of our surveys this will be Survey Monkey.

If you have made a purchase, your information will also be held by the payment processor, eg Pay Pal or Stripe, or payment services used by us which use these services, such as Infusionsoft.

Note that we do not have control over the information retained by the payment process services and for security reasons we do not have access to their databases. This is standard.

Finally, if you have signed up to one of our internet services, for example:

  • Landlord Law (where you are still using the website)
  • The Legal Kits
  • A paid for course hosted on our Moodle Training site, or
  • One of our free courses (see below)

then a certain amount of information will be held about you on those sites – usually, just your name, email address and the username and password used to log into your account.

Our free newsletters and mailings services

We have the following Newsletters and free mailings.  All emails should contain a section explaining why you are receiving the mailing, a link to this page, and an unsubscribe link.

(Note – we are currently conducting a review of all our mailings and during this review period some of the mailings may be missing some of this information)

If you want to join any of our newsletters or mailing lists, please click the green ‘find out more’ buttons:

This goes out every Tuesday and contains news on landlord issues (including any critical legal update news), updates on our services, our video and content of the week and any special offers we may be running.

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People on this mailing list get told about all forthcoming webinars and are also notified when they go online as a podcast.

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People on this mailing list will get first notification of any new products and services we may launch and any special bonuses or discounts (which will normally only be available for people on the mailing list).  Some of the discounts can be very substantial so it is well worth signing up to this.  You will also get first notification of our training events such as the workshops and the annual Conference.

Get my Free Ebook ’25 Critical Issues for Residential Landlords’ when you sign up!.

People on this mailing list can opt out of mailings about specific products or promotions without coming off the list altogether (so you will still get future special offers).

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If you have booked a place on one of our events, you will be sent reminders shortly before the event takes place. 

You may also be sent other information about the event.  For example, if you have booked to go attend our Conference.

If you have purchased one of our products you will normally receive information mailings to help you get the best value from your purchase.

For example, if you join our Landlord Law service there is a series of information emails about the Landlord Law site and service.

We also have a number of free information mailings you can sign up to.  These include free information and guidance on particular topics along with information about our service.

Popular information mailings include:

We also have a few free online training courses:

Finally, Tessa Shepperson’s Landlord Law Blog is associated with Landlord Law Services and you can sign up to receive new blog posts sent to you via email.

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Unsubscribing and coming off our database

As explained in our terms and conditions, there are two main mailing systems.

  • The Landlord Law Services mailings, and
  • Mailings sent via our Infusionsoft system

The Landlord Law Services system mailings

As all the mailings from the Landlord Law Services system  (the system emails) will be sent either in reply to a contact request or in response to a something you have purchased, we are entitled to ‘process your data’ ie send mailings to you without your specific consent. 

This will be either because the mailing is sent pursuant to a contract we have with you or because we have a legitimate business interest in doing so.

For this reason, you cannot unsubscribe from the system emails and (where the data is on our system as you have made a purchase) we will be legally entitled to retain your data for at least seven years for legal reasons.  For example, in case we need to provide information to the Revenue.

If you have not made a purchase or the purchase was made over seven years ago, and you wish your details to be removed, you can email us to request the removal of your data from the system, and we will be happy to do this.

The Landlord Law Information Mailings

These are the mailings sent via our Infusionsoft system,

These mailings will include links for you to click if you want to stop receiving emails from that particular newsletter or other mailing list or promotion.

If you want to stop receiving ANY information mailings you can click the grey unsubscribe link at the bottom. This will set up a block on your information entry on our Infusionsoft system which will prevent us from sending any more emails to that particular contact email address. 

Although note that if there are multiple entries for you on our Infusionsoft system, for example, if you have signed up for mailings multiple times or under different email addresses, you may still continue to receive mailings from that contact entry in our Infusionsoft system.

If this happens, send an email to contact @ listing all relevant names and email addresses and ask us to check that they are all unsubscribed for you.

If you want us to actually delete your details from our Infusionsoft system you will need to contact us.  We will in most cases do this to the best of our ability.

However, as with the system emails, note that if you are a customer we will need to retain your details for legal reasons for a minimum of 7 years from the date of purchase.  

Other mailing systems

If you are signed up to one of our Aweber mailings, you will find an unsubscribe link on all mailings at the bottom.

This will normally be the case with any other mailings that go out – if you are unsure, forward a copy of the mailing you wish to be unsubscribed from to contact @ and ask to be taken off that mailing list.

If you have asked to be removed from mailings but then get another mailing from us –

Apologies.  Accidents do happen sometimes.  It may be that the unsubscribe link on that email was not set up properly.  Send an email to contact @ and we will check and make sure you are properly unsubscribed.

Visitors to our websites

When someone visits one of our websites (the main sites are (in addition to this website):,,,, and but there are others) we use third-party services, Google Analytics, and Clicky to collect standard internet log information and details of visitor behaviour patterns. We do this to find out things such as the number of visitors to the various parts of the sites.

On this website we use a plugin called User Insights which helps us see various user patterns and the content members are using to help us plan and develop new content which people are more likely to want.

Our customer relationship management software, Infusionsoft, has the capability to show us if contacts have visited our websites, and this is sometimes used to trigger information mailings.

We also work with third parties such as twitter, facebook, and Google to collect conversion tracking data and data which we use sometimes for remarketing via those systems for advertising purposes.

Social Media

We use various social media organisations such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in compliance with the relevant organisations own terms and conditions.

We also use third party providers Hootsuite, CoSchedule and  Buffer to manage some of our social media interactions.

Further information

This privacy notice was drafted with brevity and clarity in mind. It does not provide exhaustive detail of all aspects of our collection and use of personal information. However, we are happy to provide any additional information or explanation needed.

If you have any questions about how we deal with data in our systems please either email contact @ or use the Landlord Law Services General Contact form here

If you consider that we have not dealt with your data correctly, note that you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioners Office at

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